Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) Eastern Europe

fea participated at the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Extended Constituency Workshop (ECW) for Eastern Europe, which took place at the Hotel Bristol Sarajevo from 4 to 6 September. 

Meeting for the CSOs and GEF Focal Points was organized separately on the first day. At the meeting, the CSO representatives had the opportunity to exchange experiences regarding their work, experience with GEF projects, and to get information about the work of GEF NGO Network.

On 5-6 September, the ECW sessions were held jointly with country government representatives, Focal Points and CSOs, as well GEF representatives and the international institutions such as the World Bank, UNEP and UNDP.  

The purpose of the Workshop was to exchange experiences activities between representatives from different countries of Eastern Europe, and increase awareness about the GEF policies and procedures. 

fea had the chance to present the our work and activities, as well as future plans to the participants of the ECW.

September, 2013

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