fea launched a project to deal with soil degradation in the Republic of Serbia

20th April 2017

June 1, 2016

fea in cooperation with UNEP ROE - Vienna Office launched the UNEP/GEF project to deal with soil degradation in Republic of Serbia entitled Enhanced Cross-Sectoral Land Management through Land Use Pressure Reduction and Planning in Republic of Serbia.

Taking into consideration the current state of land in Republic of Serbia, which is a result of various environmentally unsustainable activities, urgent and comprehensive actions are needed to reduce pressures on land and improve its current status. The UNEP/GEF project aims to reduce pressures on land and generates environmental and social benefits for Serbia by promoting the SLM practices, which will help in reducing the main threats to land and soil.

fea is engaged as the non-governmental consultancy with the aim to assure effective and efficient project implementation of one of its components. fea will produce the Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Land Management in the Municipalities in Serbia targeting main stakeholder groups: local governments, most relevant natural resource management sectors (e.g., forestry, agriculture, mining, and energy), conservation organizations, gender and minorities, and others.


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