The UN Global Compact Annual Assembly in Bosnia and Herzegovina

20th April 2017

The meeting of UN Global Compact network in BiH took place today in Sarajevo, with the aim to present the Global Compact Strategy 2014-2016.  


The member companies of UN Global Compact Network (UNCG) from BiH support the ten principles of corporate social responsibility concerning human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. The mission of the UNCG in BiH is to promote the UNCG and corporate social responsibility and monitor the progress of its members with regards to application of the ten principles.


Members of the UNGC in BiH are companies, business associations, worker unions, NGOs, civil society organizations and academic institutions that are gather around the same goal of  promoting efforts to advance the application of the UNGC principles.

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Global Compact Strategy for 2014-2016 has the following objectives:

  • effective engagement of participants,

  • empowering local networks,

  • ensuring coherence and strengthening governance and accountability.

In order to develop sustainable financing model, the UNCG  intends to continue expanding the number of donors to provide funds for the implementation of the adopted strategy. Government and private sector cooperation, along with the involvement of local networks, has been identified as key for the sucess of the entire process in the future. 


fea joined the UNCG in November 2013.

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