The Stakeholder Workshop: Contaminated sites in the Republic of Serbia – Overview of the current status and planned research activities within the UNEP/GEF project

20th April 2017

April 20, 2017

Within the project Enhanced Cross-Sectoral Land Management through Land Use Pressure Reduction and Planning in Republic of Serbia, Forestry and Environmental Action – fea organized Joint Stakeholder Awareness Needs Assessment Workshop in coordination with project partners Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS).

The workshop was organized for key stakeholders, including local and regional government officials, regional development agencies, representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, cross-sectoral working group members (SEPA, Serbian Institute of Geology, Institute of Soil Science, Institute for Field and Vegetable Crops, Institute for Public Health Protection Belgrade, Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection), representatives of republic and local environmental inspection, representatives of operating industrial complexes, bankruptcy trustees of the former state-owned factories. This one-day workshop gathered 55 stakeholders in an effort to raise awareness on the importance of land degradation, focusing on the existing challenges for sustainable land use and presenting the best practice examples of sustainable land management worldwide and in the region, emphasizing the importance of obeying the legal framework in land management area.

During the workshop 30 potentially contaminated locations chosen for the detailed researches were presented along with the results of the previous soil analysis, as well as with a sampling plan (number of micro locations for sampling, the number of planned samples for each location, the sampling depth and the parameters for the analysis).


Presented researches and following sampling activities will enable for the first time the systematic collection of information and data on the level of pollution at contaminated sites. The data obtained in these surveys will form the basis for making the priority list of sites for rehabilitation and remediation that will be presented in the form of a report to the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In addition, the data will be the basis for the needs assessment of the Republic of Serbia and the drafting of the National Strategy for Remediation of Contaminated Sites, which will open the possibilities for obtaining additional financial support from various funds for solving issues in this area.



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