Significant Potential for the Development of Green Economy

Bosnia and Herzegovina has considerable potential for the development of a green economy, according to conclusions from the workshop "Green Economy. Pathway for the Future?”, which was held on January 17, 2013 in Sarajevo as part of a Public Awareness Campaign about Values and the Positive Effects of Protected Forest and Mountain Areas in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. "As part of this Campaign workshop "Green Economy. The path for the future?" we wanted to bring together representatives of the economic sector and relevant public institutions to create the opportunity to present all the possibilities and advantages in accordance with the concept of green economy as one of the main ingredients of sustainable development. We believe that the green economy, no matter how often mentioned is a very new concept and may not have a lot of support here in BiH. Our idea was to facilitate the exchange of experiences in order to identify the preferred ways of improving cooperation between the public and private sectors to strengthen the new market for green economy," said Muris Hadžić, assistant minister in the Department for the implementation of projects of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Paul Tempany, an expert in sustainable production from ENVIS BiH - EU project to strengthen BiH institutions for environmental protection and preparation for pre-accession funds, stated that in BiH there are activities in the field of green economy where we can make additional updates. He particularly emphasized raising awareness of the value of the environment and the need for its protection.

"One of the areas in which it is possible to do an upgrade to activities for green economy is tourism, for which Bosnia and Herzegovina has a great potential. There are many opportunities for tourism development in rural areas that do not require a big investment, "said Tempany.

January, 2013

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