Guided by the vision for young people, presented in the Development Strategy of Center Municipality in Canton Sarajevo, where it is emphasized that young people should be the key social capital of the society, and that the obligation of the local community is to create a favourable environment for youth and infrastructure for their continuous improvement, education and information, as well as to support youth entrepreneurship, this project has a focus on building and upgrading youth leadership skills through non-formal education.

The project certainly contributed to the development of the community by strengthening the capacity of its most important resource - the youth. This is a contribution to non-formal education, which has made progress in relation to the previous conditions.

Source of funding: Center Municipality Sarajevo

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Period: 2014


The overall objective of the project is to build and upgrade leadership skills among young people with the aim of directing them during and after formal education, and encouraging them to undertake particular actions in order to improve their own professional position.

The specific goal of the project is to animate pupils, students and other citizens to take an active part in preparation for entering the labour market through the manual developed in the project, dealing with the topics of development of communication, interpersonal and leadership / entrepreneurial skills. 


  • Desk analysis (data collection, processing available literaturę)

  • Harmonization of thematic units of the manual

  • Design, editing, layout, printing and distribution of educating and promoting materials

  • Visibility activities  - media promotion (social media)

  • Announcement and organization of the Volunteer program


  • Survey activities

  • Assessments

  • Capacity building

  • Training

  • Preparation of the manual

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Event organisation

  • Awareness raising

Developing  Interpersonal and Entrepreneurial Skills among Young People through Education and Lifelong Learning

Brochure (Bosnian version)

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