Protected areas are locations which receive protection because of their natural, ecological and cultural values.


In order to strengthen protection and management of forests and mountain protected areas  there is a need for education and capacity building in terms of managing protected areas according to the principle of participatory planning through examples of best practice in the region and the world.

Source of funding: GEF-WB

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Period: 2012


One of the components of the project, which contributes to the achievement of the objective,
is to strengthen the capacity of institutions and other entities responsible for the planning, establishment and management of protected areas and biodiversity
conservation. To achieve sustainability and the defined objectives of nature conservation and biodiversity, it is essential to build the capacities of all stakeholders involved in the


  • Baseline analysis of protected area management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Identification and analysis of interest groups for the management of protected areas 

  • Preparation of the Guidelines for Protected Areas​ Managers


  • Networking and Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Capacity building

  • Preparation of educational materials

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Information dissemination

  • Awareness raising

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