Natural resources provided by the earth including land, water, air, minerals, animals and plants are very important for the human being's life. Nowdays people are facing serious problems of increasing loss of biodiversity. 

The forests play a very important role in biodiversity conservation. Forest animals are a vital source of nutrition and income to many people, and have vital roles in forest ecology, such as pollination and seed predation. The forest are sources of wood and non-wood products and supply and regulate water, control flood and prevent soil erosion and run-off, support production and protect infrastructure. They help protect the environment by reducing green house gases emissions, which is one of the causes of climate changes. 

Source of funding: Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Period: 2014


The overall objective of the Project is raising awareness on the importance and role of private forests in preserving biodiversity and achieving economic benefits.


Specific objective is to strengthen the capacity of private forest owners in Sarajevo Canton and educate them on sustainable forest management.


  • In-depth screening of forest condition in Ilijaš municipality (online and printed literature desk review, identification of private forest owners, analysis of current state of forest management and potentials for its improvement)

  • Stakeholder capacity assessment

  • Design, editing, layout, printing and distribution of educating and promoting materials

  • Promotional campaign - raising visibility of the Project through promotional tools: press releases, social media, fea website, brochure


  • Survey activities

  • Networking and Communication

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Cooperation

  • Capacity building

  • Preparation of guidance documents

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Information dissemination

  • Event organisation

  • Awareness raising

Sustainable Private Forest Management and Role of Private Forest in Biodiversity Conservation: Practical Guidelines for Owners

Brochure (Bosnian version)

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