The project aims at raising public awareness and awareness of the importance of environmental protection through organization of eco events and educational workshops in mountain protected areas, and their promotion in the media in order to increase the presence of the topic of environmental protection in the media. The project focuses on sustainable use of protected areas in the Republic of Serbia and their popularization through organization of educational eco activities in nature and by providing services for visiting protected areas.

Source of funding: Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

Country: Serbia

Year: 2019


The General objective is raising awareness and knowledge of the importance of environmental protection through organization of eco events.


Specific objectives are:

• Improvement of environmental education through organization of eco-mountain races and educational workshops;

• Promotion of eco events in media;

• Sustainable use of protected areas.


Protected areas represent a fragile natural environment to which we must pay great attention. While promoting their natural, ecological and cultural values, we have the duty to limit our impact to the minimum. In order to present their natural beauties, fea and its partners have designed and implemented a set of relevant activities encompassing communicational efforts, promotional activities and organization of educational eco events in the mountain protected areas: Special Nature Reserve “Milesevka river gorge“, Nature Monument “Sopotnica Waterfalls“ and Special Nature Reserve “Suva planina“. The eco events have included organization of two mountain races, two workshops about protected areas where trail-running events have been realized, as well as one workshop on measures to reduce single-use plastics. Numerous actions to protect the natural environment and to raise awareness amongst all the participants were developed. This is a collective action which involves the organizers, runners and other participants, supporters, partners and volunteers and incite all of them to adopt ecologically responsible attitude.


  • Networking and Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Preparation of educational materials

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Information dissemination

  • Event organisation

  • Awareness raising

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