In a partnership with Skyrunning Serbia Association, fea is implementing project “Realization of Educational Eco-Tours in Protected Areas in Republic of Serbia", cofinanced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. 


The project focuses on sustainable use of protected areas in the Republic of Serbia and their popularization through organization of educational eco activities in nature and by providing services for visiting protected areas. Changing consciousness, thinking and behavior of the public, local authorities and the business sector along with better cooperation between all these stakeholders will lead to sustainable management of protected areas.

Source of funding: Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

Country: Serbia

Year: 2018


The project focuses on raising the level of general knowledge of the society about local and regional natural resources and their importance for social and economic development. One of the key objectives is popularization of protected areas at local, regional, national and international level and strengthening of the moral and material responsibility of all factors of society in relation to the natural values of the forest and mountain areas in Serbia. 


Protected areas are locations which receive protection because of their natural, ecological and cultural values. Attractiveness of some resources depends not only on their inherently value, but also on constant investment in fashion of their utilization. With this in mind the partners, fea and Skyrunning Serbia designed and aimed to implement a set of relevant activities encompassing communicational efforts, promotional activities and organization of educational eco activities in protected areas: Special Nature Reserve "Goč-Gvozdac", Nature Park "Stara planina" and Special Nature Reserve “Rtanj” endorsing respective areas populated by autochthone animal and herbal species as top quality destination offering authentic experiences of an unaltered wildlife.


  • Networking and Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Preparation of educational materials

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Information dissemination

  • Event organisation

  • Awareness raising

  • Survey activities

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