fea participated in the Forest Extension Workshop

20th April 2017

January 22, 2018

In order to extend possibilities for networking, cooperation and exchange of expertise and ideas in forest sector, European Forest Institute organized two-day workshop in Bonn, started on 22nd of January 2018. This event gathered more than 30 participants in different fields of forest advisory and extension from 16 countries.


Presentations on extension services were delivered by highly experienced experts from participating institutions and organizations, who emphasized the importance of knowledge sharing, strong cooperation and active engagement of all interest groups as a prerequisite for a sustainable forest management.


The practical component of the gathering was reflected though field excursion. The thirty participants visited the Marteloscope Jägerhäuschen in the Rhine-Sieg-Erft Forestry Department, where they got an insight in advantages of Marteloscope exercises, which are 1-hectare large, rectangular forest sites where all trees are numbered, mapped and recorded. Using the special software and having available data and information on all trees, scientists, practitioners, forest owners and decision makers from different backgrounds could objectively discuss the wood production, biodiversity conservation and other ecological and economic effects of their virtual tree selection..



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