Overall outcome of the Project is to contribute to higher utilization and quality of wood biomass in BiH and institutionalization of sustainable forestry practice in BiH, among others through recommendations provided within the Guide, amendment recommendations and advocacy in order to achieve political support towards development of effective policies and legislation framework.

Source of funding: UNDP

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Period: November 2018 - July 2019


Overall objectives of the Project are:

  • to contribute to the facilitation of optimal use of wood biomass by creating a Guide which will take into consideration forestry operational practices and methods, management operations and best available technologies;

  • to ensure involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders from the relevant sectors;

  • provide support to the policy development for sustainable wood biomass utilization in BiH through selection and further elaboration of most realistic recommendations from previously conducted Study on policy gaps within the energy and forestry sectors.


Key activities of the Project are:

  1. Development of the Methodology for preparation of the "Guide on best practices and recommendations to increase utilization of wood biomass in BiH" (Guide)

  2. Development of the detailed content of the Guide approval by the UNDP team

  3. Development of the Plan for stakeholder engagement and organization of the stakeholder consultations

  4. Development of the Report on most realistic recommendation from Study on policy gaps

  5. Preparation of the draft version of the Guide in cooperation with International consultant and stakeholders

  6. Development of the Document on implementation of selected recommendations with relevant supporting mechanism

  7. Holding of the presentations/consultations through Stakeholder meeting on two key deliverables (Guide and Document on implementation of selected recommendations) in order to create ownership over the conclusions/ recommendations and to finalize these two deliverables.


  • Policy analysis

  • Preparation of guidance documents

  • Advocacy

  • Stakeholder participation

  • Preparation of educational materials

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Information dissemination

  • Event organisation

  • Awareness raising

  • Survey activities

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