Status and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation on

The Sustainable Development of Private Forests

20th April 2017

June 11, 2018

Event titled “Status and opportunities for cooperation on the sustainable development of private forests” was held on 8th June 2018 in Tara National Park. The event was organized by the BioEn project of the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor in cooperation with the Tara National Park, Dragacevo–Guca Ecological Society and GIZ DKTI project “Development of sustainable bioenergy market in Serbia“.  The workshop gathered relevant stakeholders from government and private sector, CSOs, scientific institutions and international organizations and donors.  This one-day workshop was an opportunty to discuss possibilities and perspectives of private forest owners associations in Serbia. Regional experiences from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia in private forestry sector development were shared and possibilities for establishment of a National Association of Private Forest Owners in Serbia were discussed. One of the key messages from the workshop was that mobilizing private smallholder forest owners and raising awareness on advantages of establishment of forest associations are crucial for responsible natural resource management, strengthening of the wood biomass market and income generation.


fea introduced the participants with its projects and activities. With its previous experiences in sustainable forestry development and by implementing the project Mobilizing smallholder forest owners and building a foundation for civil society strengthening and organizing through their engagement in local forest owners association(s) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fea has already initiated and undertaken activities to strengthen the capacity of small private foresters to establish local association of private forest owners in BiH. The specific objectives of the Project are: analysis of the private forest sector and identification of private foresters' interests for organization, analysis of the economic potential of the private forest sector and identification of the necessary actions to exploit these potentials, raise awareness and interest for inclusion and organization of small forest owners and exchange of knowledge and experiences with key stakeholders and decision-makers, especially from the aspect of ensuring sustainable forest management.


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