We help build societies that responsible manage their natural resources.

         If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children. 

- Confucius

Experiencing how long-term success to reach sustainability is dramatically increased when local communities are fully invested in design and implementation of policies and individual projects, we have developed a strong internal capacity to facilitate stakeholder consultations and empowerment of particular groups for decision-making.


Code of Conduct


We at fea believe that people gathered around a common goal, approaching each other in good will and trusting in humanity’s greatest strength - the ability of human beings to create and change their surroundings based on ideas, imagination and passion - is the driving force of today, enabling permanent changes towards the future we envision for ourselves as individuals and as members of our societies.


The regional network fea was established in 2007 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a non-governmental organization, with the main purpose of advancing the state of environment and forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Since fea’s inception, the guiding principle of our work has been to support authorities and communities, as well as the private sector, in the responsible use of natural resources in accordance with the legitimate demands of society. 


We have provided practical and professional support for a number of development initiatives in the field of environmental activism. We have also prepared planning and implementing documents for several development initiatives focused on nature protection, local community development. In addition, our members have conducted applied research to support informed decision-making.


Because we believe that the long-term success of development activities is dramatically increased when local communities and other stakeholders are fully invested in project design and implementation, fea has developed a strong internal capacity to facilitate stakeholder consultations. Consequently, fea has been entrusted to provide its expertise and assistance in the organisation of several workshops, focus groups, surveys and information community sessions aimed at including all stakeholders into the planning and decision-making process. Considering the ongoing global and local challenges for environmental protection and sustainable development, we at fea will continue to increase our capacities to tackle these challenges.


fea’s ultimate goal is to help build societies that responsibly manage their natural resources.

We work towards this goal by:​

  • Contributing technical expertise

  • Disseminating results of applied research

  • Providing support to building local capacities

  • Expanding our network of partners


  • Advancement of the forestry sector in accordance with the principles of sustainability

  • Environmental protection

  • Preventing land degradation

  • Implementation and support to research aimed at sustainable use of natural resources

  • Promotion and support to participatory approaches to planning and management of natural resources

  • Support to rural and local community development

  • Environmental and social impact assessments of economic and infrastructure development projects

  • Project management and consulting

  • International/regional cooperation

  • Capacity building related to foregoing topics

  • Publishing

  • Exchange of experiences, information and networking with similar organizations in the region and internationally


  • Participatory approaches to planning and management 

  • Project management

  • International/regional cooperation, exchange of experiences and networking

  • Public, private and CSO sector partnerships

  • Research

  • Capacity building

  • Raising awareness

  • Lobbing and advocacy

  • Marketing

  • Social media​​


  • Sustainable development and sustainable natural resource management (forestry, water and land)

  • Implementation of the international environmental conventions (CBD, UNCCD, UNCCC) and support to SDGs as UN initiative

  • Environmental protection and protected areas 

  • Women and youth empowerment 


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