World Soil Day 2018 in schools, Belgrade

20th April 2017

December 10 , 2018

In the frame of the project „Enhanced Cross-Sectoral Land Management through Land Use Pressure Reduction and Planning“ in Republic of Serbia, UN Environment and Forestry and Environmental Action – fea, with the support of NGO EcoHub organized and implemented activities to celebrate World Soil Day 2018 (WSD18).

Five workshops for elementary school pupils age of 8-10 years old (II – IV grade) were planned and organized in elementary schools in Belgrade to celebrate World Soil Day 2018 in the week from 3th to 7th December 2018. Workshops were held in a form of one-hour interactive lecture with the aim to raise awareness among young population on soil degradation issues, drivers of soil degradation, consequences of soil degradation and effects of sustainable land management. Project-wise this was an opportunity to gather young population and through many activities to spread a message on the importance of soil as a natural resource. Around 150 children attended the workshops which were designed specially for them in order to learn that soil supports all life on our planet and what risks we are taking not caring for soils. The aim of the workshops was that pupils could define the concept of land, different types of soil, soil functions, causes of soil pollution and to raise their awareness on how their daily activities both depend and affect soil and our lives. 


Through interactive, hands-on and interesting workshops children learned that soils have a crucial role in food security, water purification, climate regulation and that soil delivers other ecosystem services that enable life on Earth. 


World Soil Day 2018 video

World Soil Day 2018

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