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non-governmental network established in 2007 with the main purpose of advancing the state of environment and forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

fea operates throughout Balkan region and South East Europe.


We help build societies that responsible manage their natural resources.


We at fea believe that people gathered around a common goal, approaching each other in good will and trusting in humanity’s greatest strength - the ability of human beings to create and change their surroundings based on ideas, imagination and passion - is the driving force of today, enabling permanent changes towards the future we envision for ourselves as individuals and as members of our societies.











This guide contains practical and applicable steps for the implementation of Sustainable Land Management and Land Management Neutrality concepts at local level in the Republic of Serbia.

This guide contains information on the importance and role of private forests in preserving biodiversity and achieving economic benefits. This publication was designed to strengthen the capacity of private forest owners in Sarajevo Canton and educate them on sustainable forest management.

This scoping study aims to provide knowledge about the smallholder forest potential in FBiH, in particular Canton Sarajevo (CS), and to promote different options in terms of better management and greater benefits for forest owners, especially about the importance and benefit of being organized to reach economies of scale from their small allotments.

fea has already proven their commitment in their scope of work, expertise and professionalism.

- Flemming Sehested, MD Danish Forestry Extension


Fostering National Soil Partnership

December 18, 2018

The event Fostering National Soil Partnership was organized on December 17, 2018 by UN Environment, Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Forestry and Environmental Action – fea with the aim to celebrate World Soil Day (WSD) in Belgrade, Serbia. The main objective of the event was to gather in one place all stakeholder groups in the soil area (government institutions, NGOs, international organizations, research and scientific organizations, private companies) and to foster establishment of the national soil partnership. Additionally, the event was an opportunity to present all the results related to the protection of land degradation.

The World Soil Day 2018 in Schools, Belgrade

December 10, 2018

Five workshops for elementary school pupils age of 8-10 years old (II – IV grade) were designed and held in elementary schools in Belgrade to celebrate World Soil Day 2018 in the week from 3th to 7th December 2018. Through interactive, hands-on and interesting workshops children learned that soils have a crucial role in food security, water purification, climate regulation and that soil delivers other ecosystem services that enable life on Earth. 

Status and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation on

The Sustainable Development of Private Forests

June 11, 2018

Event titled “Status and opportunities for cooperation on the sustainable development of private forests” was held on 8th June 2018 in Tara National Park. The workshop gathered relevant stakeholders from government and private sector, CSOs, scientific institutions and international organizations and donors. This one-day workshop was an opportunty to discuss possibilities and perspectives of private forest owners associations in Serbia. 

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