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We help build societies that responsibly manage their natural resources.

At FEA - Forestry and Environmental Action, since 2007, our journey transcends the mere implementation of projects. It's a bold, unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future through hands-on environmental stewardship!

A common goal.

We at fea believe that people gathered around a common goal, approaching each other in good will and trusting in humanity’s greatest strength - the ability of human beings to create and change their surroundings based on ideas, imagination and passion - is the driving force of today, enabling permanent changes towards the future we envision for ourselves as individuals and as members of our societies.

Strong internal capacity.

Experiencing how long-term success to reach sustainability is dramatically increased when local communities are fully invested in design and implementation of policies and individual projects, we have developed a strong internal capacity to facilitate stakeholder consultations and empowerment of particular groups for decision-making.

We are creating a more sustainable future for forests and people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since fea’s inception, the guiding principle of its work has been to support authorities and communities, as well as the private sector, in the responsible use of natural resources in accordance with the legitimate demands of society.

Partners and donors