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We help build societies that responsibly manage their natural resources.

At fea - Forestry and Environmental Action, since 2007, our journey transcends the mere implementation of projects.


It's a bold, unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future through hands-on environmental stewardship!

Embodying our motto, "fearless in the time of challenges" we navigate the complexities of environmental conservation with courage and determination.


      rless in the time of challenges

This fearless approach is not just a statement; it's our core philosophy in action. 

Whether we're facing the daunting task of reversing environmental degradation, combating climate change, or championing sustainable forestry and governance, our team stands resolute.

Our readiness to confront challenges head-on is what defines us and propels our mission forward. 

In a world where environmental issues present ever-growing challenges, fea's stance remains unshakeable. We embrace these challenges as opportunities to innovate, to educate, and to inspire...

Our dedication to empowering communities, influencing policy, and responsibly managing natural resources reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of steadfast, informed, and compassionate action. 

Core Operations of


Responsible natural resource management (NRM) and environmentally-sound development


Transition from government to governance and enhanced democracy in NRM


Addressing climate change and nature-based solutions


Biomass mobilization, clean energy and renewable energy communities


Smarter, greener and healthier cities


Empowerment of women, youth and communities


Implementation of International Multilateral Environmental Agreements


Achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives are closely aligned with the UN SDGs.

Each project we undertake is a step towards achieving these global objectives, reflecting our commitment to a better world.

Clients and Donors