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Driving change for over 15 years, we're at the forefront of conservation and sustainability, actively building more inclusive, responsible, and resilient societies.

Our journey intertwines these critical elements to foster responsible natural resource management (NRM) and carve a path towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. 


      rless in the time of challenges

The heart of fea is its people - a cadre of highly educated, predominantly female professionals, driven by a passion for transformative change.

Our organizational structure is streamlined into four thematic areas, each led by a dedicated program manager and supported by a team of adept technical and administrative professionals:

Our Statute

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fea's Multifaceted Approach

Project Design and


Our expertise in project design and management ensures impactful and efficient implementation at national and regional levels.

Technical Expertise and Research

We provide critical technical insights and conduct both desk and field research, shaping policies and decision-making processes.

Advocacy and Policy


Through Advocacy Action Plans and policy dialogue, we influence key decision-makers and policies.

Stakeholder Engagement and Public Awareness

Our comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Plans and public awareness campaigns promote inclusivity, awareness, and sustainable practices.

Capacity Building and Information Technology

We strengthen capacities within various sectors and harness IT solutions to further our environmental initiatives.



Our non-formal environmental education programs and forest pedagogy practices deepen the understanding of environmental issues.

Events, Networking, and Additional Activities

We organize a plethora of events and actively engage in networking, further bolstered by our efforts in publishing, fundraising, marketing, and social media.

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As we continue to tackle environmental challenges and advocate for just, sustainable, and inclusive practices, fea stands unwavering in its mission to make a lasting, positive impact on our planet and its societies.

Join us in our quest for a greener, healthier future, where every action counts towards shaping a sustainable tomorrow!

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