Educational Eco Tours in Protected Mountain Areas in Serbia


Year of publication: 2018

Brochure Educational eco tours in protected mountain areas in Serbia aims at presenting natural resources in selected mountain areas in Serbia, protected at the national level, but also important according to the international regulations. The brochure includes examples of educational eco tours that could be realized in Special Nature Reserve „Rtanj“, Nature Park „Stara planina“ and Special Nature Reserve "Goč-Gvozdac". There has been recorded the presence of endemic, rare and endangered species. Their outstanding natural values are mixed forest ecosystems with a vast range of biodiversity of wild species.

Scoping Study for Commercial and Sustainable Private Forest Management in the Canton Sarajevo

Year of publication: 2017

This scoping study aims to provide knowledge about the smallholder forest potential in FBiH, in particular Canton Sarajevo (CS), and to promote different options in terms of better management and greater benefits for forest owners, especially about the importance and benefit of being organized to reach economies of scale from their small allotments. This knowledge will be distributed to forest owners, relevant stakeholders and partner organizations and will serve for future civil society strengthening through local forest owner association building.

Sustainable Private Forest Management in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Year of publication: 2018

This brochure promotes private forests' potentials in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mobilizing major benefits from private forests, communicating problems and promoting knowledge and possible solutions for sustainable private forest management, as well as importance and benefits of forestry associations in income generation and livelihood improvement.

Guide for Sustainable Land Management at The Local Level in The Republic of Serbia

Year of publication: 2018/2019

The guidelines contain practical and applicable steps for the implementation of Sustainable Land Management and Land Management Neutrality concepts at the local level in the Republic of Serbia.

Sustainable Land Management at The Local Level in The Republic of Serbia

Summary Booklet

Year of publication: 2018/2019

The booklet summarizes the content presented in best pratice guidelines for sustainable land management in the municipalities in Serbia. 

Year of publication: 2014

The development and implementation of the first BiH AP is in line with the UNCCD 10-Year Strategy, and contributes to a better planning and monitoring of the implementation of UNCCD at the national level. Such improved planning will on the other hand lead to a more efficient decision making process related to issues such as desertification, land degradation and draughts (DLDD) and sustainable management of land issues in BiH. APs are developed through a participatory approach involving various stakeholders, including also relevant non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and local Executive summary 23 communities. APs specify practical steps and measures to be undertaken in combating desertification in specific ecosystems.

Year of publication: 2014

This guide contains information on the importance and role of private forests in preserving biodiversity and achieving economic benefits. This publication was designed to strengthen the capacity of private forest owners in Sarajevo Canton and educate them on sustainable forest management.

Step Forward - Developing and Upgrading the Leadership Skills Among Young People

Year of publication: 2014

This brochure represents a set of valuable advices for young leaders and entrepreneurs. It was designed to build and upgrade leadership skills among young people with the aim of directing them during and after formal education, and encouraging them to undertake particular actions in order to improve their own professional position.

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