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Zeleni hodogram: Usmjerenja za šumovitiju budućnost Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine


This electronic brochure is a tool that will help you encourage action and strengthen awareness of the preservation of our own precious natural resources and the environment in general.

Why are we switching to renewable energy sources and why is energy efficiency important?


As part of the project "EcoTopia - Sustainable Community Pionirska dolina" funded by the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, we created a brochure "Why are we switching to renewable energy sources and why is energy efficiency important?"


The brochure provides the information on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency and gives advice and recommendations on how each individual can contribute in this area.

This publication is part of our international campaign “Women Sustain Forests -  Sustainability Through Equality,” launched with help from the DANIDA financed program “Empowerment of Communities through Democratic Natural Resource Management” and implemented by a partnership between NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Nepal, and Vietnam. 


The #womensustain campaign 2020 contributes to raising awareness and helping to meet SDG5 – Gender Equality.


Our key message is that we need the competences and work of both men and women to beat climate change and secure sustainable forests.

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Smog Hunting


GAP Analysis


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The guidelines contain practical and applicable steps for the implementation of Sustainable Land Management and Land Management Neutrality concepts at the local level in the Republic of Serbia.


Promotional materials and raising awareness