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Let's catch smog and polluting particles - art in the role of improving air quality and raising public awareness of Tuzla’s inhabitants

Origin of funding:

Environmental Fund of the 

Federation of Bosnia and 


Name of client:

Environmental Fund of the 

Federation of Bosnia and 


Start date:


End date:


Project value:

39,370.00 BAM

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​The project aimed to raise public awareness of the importance of the problem of polluted air in the City of Tuzla. For this purpose, a 120 m2 mural was painted in the Irac neighbourhood in Tuzla, with special 

photocatalytic paints. Photocatalytic paints help reduce smog, which is the result of the 

accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere. By reducing pollutants, these colors contribute to the reduction of smog, which has a positive impact on human health and the environment, but the focus was not on the overall reduction of air pollution in Tuzla, but on pointing out this problem. 

The project included educational programs and workshops to inform citizens about the causes and 

consequences of air pollution and how they can contribute to reducing pollution. In addition, this project 

directs people to make changes in their daily lives to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The project can serve as a model for other cities that also face air pollution problems 

and encourage the spread of similar initiatives at the national or regional level. 

Project goals 
General goal: Strengthening public awareness of air pollution in Tuzla 

Specific goals: 

  1. Transfer of innovative and good European practices and tools; 

  2. Reduction of air pollution and improvement of air quality in the City of Tuzla; 

  3. Improving public awareness of air pollution; 

  4. Creating the possibility of replicating the project with the goal of improving the state of the environment. 

Main activities: 

  1. Preparatory actions - Implementation of a public call for applications of suitable buildings for painting murals;  

  2. Media campaign - Conducting a media campaign to raise environmental awareness;  

  3. Educational workshops - Raising community awareness through educational workshops;  

  4. Production and distribution of leaflets / brochures - Design and distribution of educational materials for the purpose of promoting air quality preservation and environmental protection;  

  5. Mural painting - preparation of concept, design and painting of one wall with mural photocatalytic paints on an area of approximately 150 m2;  

  6. Training of local artists - local artists will be involved in all phases of planning up to the making of the mural and thus trained on the manner and importance of using photocatalytic paints;  

  7. Organizing the final event - presenting to the public the final result of the project, painted mural, with media promotion. 

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