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Empowerment of Communities through Democratic Natural Resource Management – Phase I

Name of client

Danish Forestry Extension - Skovdyrkerne

Origin of funding

Civil Society in Development- CISU / DANIDA



fea was part of the  Phase I of the Program entitled "Empowering Communities through Democratic Management of Natural Resources" along with five other partners from Mali, Vietnam and Nepal.


The program was implemented in partnership with the Danish Forestry Extension - DFE.

This program had  two main components:


  1. partner capacity building -  the main goal was to strengthen independent civil society partners with organizational, technical, and advocacy capacity for responsible natural resource management - NRM, creating a vibrant synergy among each other.

  2. association capacity building - the main goal of the second component was to develop the skills of target groups organized into associations, working in the sectors of forestry and natural resource, to provide consultancy services for responsible NRM, income generation, and advocacy towards local and national decision makers for equal access to natural resources.

The main activities of the project relate to:

  1. Identification of minimum one suitable municipality in FBiH according to the internally agreed criteria (e.g. largest private forest plots, willing local authorities- municipality and forest administration, motivated PFOs etc).

  2. Mobilization and trust building of the local PFOs through widespread local meetings at local community level, including training in all aspects of association building.

  3. Establishment of the local (municipal) forest-owner’s association.

  4. Organization of general assembly for democratic selection of the association’s board.

  5. Facilitation of establishment of an official association with bylaws and a democratic structure.

  6. Capacity building of the Association

  7. Training of board members and selected operational staff of the association in skills needed for running an association following democratic principles.

  8. Assistance in developing a strategic plan with approach to deliver advice to members, operational plan, rules of procedure, and other relevant  documents related to association

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