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The role of soil in the carbon cycle and climate change mitigation

Origin of funding

Ministry of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia​



Short term project „The role of soil in the carbon cycle and climate change mitigation”, will be implemented in Serbia during Autumn 2020, in cooperation with the Institute for Soil Science Belgrade and the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad.


The main project aim is raising awareness on: (i) soil importance in the carbon cycle and climate change mitigation, (ii) the appliance of the best practices in agriculture, (iii) preventing further land degradation processes, (iv) promoting integrated land management and use, and (v) capacity building. 

The main project results will be presented in a Study that will be published in December 2020 and freely available for all interested in the topic. Through knowledge improvement, raising awareness, and promotion against climate change, the project will achieve the main aims.

In accordance with the project activities plan, two meetings will be organized with the aim of exchanging experience and knowledge with other institutions and initiatives in Serbia.

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