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Application for anonymous reporting of illegal activities in forestry with the help of citizens

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Name of the client

Centers for Civil Initiatives (CCI)

Origin of funding

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Centers for Civil Initiatives (CCI)


2021 - 2022

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the reduction of corruption and illegal logging in the Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton. Reducing corruption and the volume of illegal logging is of great importance, especially because citizens will be able to easily make an adequate report.


The collected data will serve the competent forestry institutions as an adequate supervision of the guard services, which should,among other things, report and record illegal logging as part of their work, as well as the existence of evidence confirming illegal activity.

The specific objectives of this project are: 

• define the responsibilities and competencies of individual institutions and through their joint and coordinated action improve their practical application with the aim of reducing illegal logging;

 • establish online mechanisms for reporting illegal logging in the area of Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton; 

• encourage and promote citizen activism in the area of Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton for the purpose of reporting corruption in the field of forestry; 

Target groups of the project:

For the realization of the project, two target groups have been singled out: public (forestry) institutions and citizens, who will also be the beneficiaries of the project.

The activities covered by this Project are:

i.    Individual introductory meetings with key stakeholders in order to get acquainted with the project.

ii.    Kick-off meeting with representatives of key/competent institutions and companies (Forestry Administration, public companies, forestry inspectors, Ministry of Interior and representatives of Anti-Corruption Teams) at the level of Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton.

iii.    Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the competent institutions in both cantons.

iv.    Holding initial meetings and inviting citizens and representatives of associations (mountaineering and hunting associations, ecologists, forestry students) to participate in project activities and defining the content of the mobile application.

v.    Development of an application and database that will be available to the public (citizens, NGOs, forestry institutions, POEs in both cantons, etc.).

vi.    Organizing two workshops with public companies and cantonal administrations on how to collect data and prepare annual reports on illegal activities.

vii.    Promotional activities (production of practical promotional materials, promotion of application in ecological TV and radio shows, high schools, mountaineering, ecological and hunting societies, and advertising on social networks and web portals)

viii.    Final event of the project (presentation of project results to key institutions)

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