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Action for greener City park Betanija

Origin of funding:

The project was a part of the Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans 2 - ReLOaD2, financed by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and implemented by UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Center Municipality.

Name of client:

UNDP Bosnia and 

Herzegovina and self-contribution

Start date:


End date:


Project value:

19,161.94 BAM

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​This project focuses on enhancing the underutilized green spaces within City park Betanija in Sarajevo. By afforestation with selected tree species, organizing educational workshops for primary school students, and creating an interactive educational map, the initiative aims to improve the park's condition and promote environmental awareness.  

The project involves coordination with public institutions, mapping priority areas for afforestation, securing seedlings, and engaging students in the planting process. Additionally, the project leverages GIS and IT experts to develop an interactive map, along with promotional info-panels, providing an innovative approach to bridge nature and digitization. The project addresses the importance of urban green areas, especially in challenging times, such as pandemic. 

Project goals 

General goal: Improvement of the the ecological, sanitary, and decorative-aesthetic characteristics of the Betanija City Park in the Center Municipality of Sarajevo. 

Specific goal: Increased satisfaction of the citizens of local community Betanija-Šip (Municipality Centar) with the new state of the City park Betanija. 

Main activities: 

  1. Afforestation Initiative in City park Betanija 

  2. Coordination Meetings with Public Institutions in Sarajevo Canton  

  3. Identification of Priority Areas for Afforestation  

  4. Securing Seedling Acquisition 

  5. Implementation of Afforestation Action with Students 

  6. Development of an Interactive Educational Map and Installation of Promotional Info-Panels in City Park Betanija  

  7. Engagement of GIS Expert for Map Creation  

  8. Involvement of IT Expert and Graphic Designer for Interactive Educational Map  

  9. Crafting and Installing Promotional Info-Panels in City park Betanija 

  10. Conducting Educational Workshops for Primary School Students in Centar Municipality 

  11. Planning and Execution of a Series of Educational Workshops for Students in Centar Municipality 

  12. Design, Analysis, and Evaluation of a Questionnaire  

  13. Formulation and Implementation of an Evaluation Questionnaire  

  14. Examination of Collected Data from the Questionnaire 

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