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Bosnia sampling

Origin of funding:

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Name of client:

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Start date:


End date:


Project value:

6,215.00 USD

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has awarded a sum of six thousand two hundred and fifteen US dollars (USD 6,215.00) to FEA to assist with the project of sampling trees in Bosnia and  Herzegovina for managing and coordinating the collection of reference samples from standing trees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Project goals 

General goal: Managing and coordinating the scientific field collection of reference samples from standing trees.  This effort was aimed at creating a database for monitoring illegal timber trade. 

Main activities: 

1.1. Contacting relevant authorities to obtain permits for sample collection, 

1.2. Developing sampling plans at 12 locations in the Republika Srpska and Federation of BiH, 

1.3. Organizing field visits and sample collection, 

1.4. Shipping samples to a laboratory in the United Kingdom. 

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