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Ecotopia - Sustainable Community Pionirska Dolina

Origin of funding:

Municipality Centar Sarajevo

Name of client:

Municipality Centar Sarajevo

Start date:


End date:


Project value:

13,500.00 BAM

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​The FEA organization, together with the local community Pionirska dolina, worked to strengthen community awareness and educate citizens, through the demonstration of an innovative method of making a "solar tree" that serves to power electric vehicles, phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. 

Through the project, the residents of Pionirska dolina settlement and students at elementary school from the area of Centar municipality, were educated. The goals were to strengthen the principles of sustainability in this local community, to influence the cultural norms of the community and to strengthen the spirit of community cooperation. Through the project, the FEA organization contributed to encouraging the local population to use the new infrastructure to charge their devices with clean energy for free, which further contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution and the use of renewable forms of energy. 

Project goals 

General goal: Strengthen and promote the first sustainable community - settlement through the installation of the infrastructure of "solar trees" and the use of renewable energy sources in the micro-location. 

Specific goals: 

  1. Upgrade, strengthening and promotion of the first sustainable community 

  2. Increasing knowledge and strengthening the awareness of residents of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources 

  3. Installation of practical examples through the pilot project of installing "solar trees" 

Main activities: 

  1. Preparation of documentation for the purpose of obtaining the necessary permits and approvals 

  2. Designing the visuals of the Project 

  3. Establishing cooperation with elementary schools in the municipality of Centar 

  4. Procurement and installation of solar trees to start solar energy production in the Pionirska dolina residential area and Nafija Sarajlić Elementary School 

  5. Organizing educational workshops on the possibilities of applying solar energy 

  6. Organization of the Day for Sustainable Pioneer Valley 

  7. Creation and publication of a digital educational brochure 

  8. Surveying and analysis of survey results 

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