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From knowledge to eco-property

Origin of funding:

Sarajevo Canton and self-contribution

Name of client:

Ministry of education of  Sarajevo Canton

Start date:


End date:


Project value:

9,515.00 BAM

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​The project aims to educate children aged 7–12 on their daily environmental footprint 

and the principles of sustainability. Through dynamic and interactive educational methods, the project intends to raise awareness about importance of healthy environment, especially air, water, soil and forests. Recognizing the crucial window for environmental consciousness  during early  childhood, the project strives to extend and reinforce this awareness to children, nurturing a sense of responsibility towards evolving environmental and societal needs.  

Given the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project underscores its effects on youth, providing an avenue to enhance their social skills, motivation and structured play, empowering them to address individual challenges and actively contribute to environmental conservation. 

Project goals 

General goal: Increased knowledge and strengthened environmental awareness among school children (aged 7-12) about the importance of environmental conservation. 

Specific goals: 

  1. Provided opportunity for primary school students aged 7-12 to positively impact the environment in Sarajevo Canton. 

  2. Created conditions for the ecologization and humanization of the informal educational system in Sarajevo Canton. 

Main activities: 

1. Eco-Genius Workshop Series 

1.1. Three Primary Schools Mapping in Sarajevo Canton 

1.2. Meetings with Teaching Staff of Mapped Primary Schools 

1.3. Student Groups Formation for Extracurricular Activities 

1.4. Implementation of Educational Workshops with Students 


2. Urban Modular Wooden Structures Creation 

2.1. Urban Modular Wooden Structures Design 

2.2. Carpenter Engagement 

2.3. Plant Material Procurement 

2.4. Urban Modular Structures Installation with Students 

2.5. Maintenance System Establishment for Urban Modular Structures 


3. Environmental Pedagogy Handbook Development 

3.1. Preparation of Environmental Pedagogy Handbook fot Teachers 

3.2. Environmental Pedagogy Workshop for Teaching Staff 

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