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Introduction of teaching staff and participants with the principles and practices of forest pedagogy

Origin of funding:

Ministry of Economy of  Sarajevo Canton and self-contribution

Name of client:

Ministry of Economy of 

Sarajevo Canton

Start date:


End date:


Project value:

5,000.00 BAM

Proportion carried out by FEA:


Summary of the project: 

​The project aimed to familiarize teaching staff and participants with the principles and  practices of forest pedagogy. This educational approach, centered on experiential learning and  emotional connection, seeks to cultivate a positive attitude toward nature. By integrating forest pedagogy into the teaching process, the project aspires to nurture a strong ecological culture, contributing to a sustainable future for the  community. 

General goal of the project: Enhancing ecological awareness among citizens, with a particular focus on school-aged children, by integrating the concept of forest pedagogy into elementary education  within Sarajevo Canton schools through innovative outdoor learning methods. 

Main activities: 

  1. Background research and analysis of the concept of forest pedagogy, 

  2. Establishment of the collaboration with primary schools in Sarajevo Canton, 

  3. Creation of educational materials for teaching staff, 

  4. Organization of training sessions for teaching staff, 

  5. Collaboration with the "School in Nature" – Public Institution Elementary School „Zaim Kolar“, 

  6. Distribution of educational materials produced within the project. 

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