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Announcement of the start of the project “Innovative pathways for efficient involvement of girls and young women in the forestry sector” – Fem2forests 

Forestry and forest-based industries are facing a shortage of workforce, while the number of those choosing a career in the forestry sector is declining. 

The Fem2forests project aims to (1) develop innovative career pathways for girls and young women, (2) strengthen the capacities of forestry educational institutions by integrating a gender perspective, and (3) facilitate conditions for effective inclusion of women at various levels and stages in forestry organizations and relevant labor markets. 

To achieve these goals, Fem2forests follows an interactive innovation model driven by the participation of multiple stakeholders, which includes career paths in forestry from early orientation stages to leadership positions. Through workshops, surveys, and interviews, the needs and interests of girls and young women in forestry will be identified. Collaboration with educational institutions, employers, and stakeholders ensures a diverse workforce that promotes sustainable development, especially in rural areas. 

By involving target groups from the outset, Fem2forests aims to significantly increase the share of young women in the forestry sector by 2030. In the context of workforce shortages in the forestry sector, the project aims to change perceptions, making the forestry sector more attractive and inclusive for future generations and bringing a fresh perspective to the industry in the Danube Region. 

The project begins on January 1, 2024, and will last for 30 months, until June 1, 2026. 


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