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Campaign „Forest is more than trees“

The campaign „Forest is more than trees“ is designed to raise public awareness of the importance of Bosnia and Herzegovina's (private) forests, and to acquaint the public with the possibilities of enjoying the useful functions of forests and sustainable use of a rich range of (wood and non-wood) forest products.

With this and last year's campaign, the fea team wants to encourage urban populations and decision-makers to think about private forests and consider them as important as state/public forests.

As part of the campaign, an urban modular structure was made and installed (originally in Sarajevo and then in Travnik), which consisted of a vertical garden with air purifiers, planters and bicycle tying systems. This urban construction was designed by a young team of architects from Sarajevo and is made of wood from the private forests of the Central Bosnia Canton (SBK) with the help of partners and members of the Association of Private Forest Owners SBK.

This campaign was accompanied by great impressions of the citizens, but also a large response from the media.

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