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EcoTopia - Sustainable Community Pionirska dolina

Organization fea within the project "EcoTopia - Sustainable Community Pionirska dolina" has implemented the central activity: the installation of two solar trees:

- in the yard of the Elementary School Nafija Sarajlić Sarajevo and

- in the Pionirska dolina settlement.

The project, financed by the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, aims to promote renewable energy sources, sustainable lifestyles and environmental protection. The electricity produced by the solar trees is now available to the pupils of Nafija Sarajlić Elementary School and the residents of the Pionirska dolina settlement for charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electrical devices, as well as the LED lighting located at the foot of the solar tree.

The project left a strong impact on the community's awareness of sustainability. The installation of solar trees provided an opportunity for students and the local community to learn about the benefits and importance of using renewable energy sources. In addition to the installation of solar trees, the educational part was completed with the publication of the brochure "Why are we switching to renewable energy sources and why is energy efficiency important?", which you can download from the publication section. The brochure provided the necessary information on this topic and gave advice and recommendations on how each individual can contribute in this area.

We believe that this project will be only the first step in our efforts to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of a sustainable way of using energy.


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