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Following activities within the project "Introducing teaching staff and participants to the...

fea and the Forestry Administration of Canton Sarajevo have joined forces to implement the project "Introducing teaching staff and participants to the principles and practice of forest pedagogy".

The project aims to present to school-age children the importance of the forest as an ecosystem and overall nature, through a modern educational concept of outdoor-learning and playing. The realization of the project is planned in two phases.

Phase I refers to the teaching staff and program that will be created to introduce them to the principles of forest pedagogy. Phase II refers to the practical part for children. During the School in Nature, kids will have the opportunity to participate in games that require outdoor socialization, and in this way will explore, conclude, and learn about the forests.

For valuable learning, the best ones will be rewarded.

Activities on this cheerful project are currently paused due to the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid19, but as soon as safe conditions for the health of children and adults are ensured, we will continue to carry out the planned activities.


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