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New year's gathering with partners and donors

One of the last, but very important events for 2018 was socializing with partners and (potential) donors in order to raise funds for current and future projects of the organization fea. fea has prepared a Fundraising Strategy 2018 – 2021 with the aim of ensuring long-term and diverse sources of financing our projects related to sustainable management of natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region.

The event itself took place in the period from 20. to 21. december 2018. on Zlatibor.

The aim of the event was to exchange information regarding the scope of work of us and other important organizations/institutions, to find potential space for cooperation and communication on current issues in the natural resources management sector, with an emphasis on forests.

The gathering was complemented by many interesting, interactive, „team building“ activities, organized by the TBA agency, spread over two days. In addition to the formal part, the first day was rounded off with a music quiz and socializing, while the second day was all about creative workshop for making and painting bird houses and feeders, which were subsequently set in nature.


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