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A guide to applying best practices and recommendations for increasing the use of wood biomass

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Within the project „Employment and secure energy supply using biomass in BiH“ and the partnership between the Czech Republic and UNDP for the Sustainable Development Goals, the fea team coordinated the preparation of the Guide to best practices and recommendations for increasing the use of wood biomass for energy production.

The focus of the Guide was on operational measures and forest management methods, production technology and the forest wood biomass market. Equally, the Guide includes information related to the current situation in the forestry sector in BiH, an overview of the situation in the Czech Republic and the European Union, forestry planning, technologies and practices of forest use and their application in forest wood biomass mobilization, and the importance of public involvement in the process of creating and making decision related to this area.

In the United Nations building in Sarajevo on June 17, 2019. a workshop was held with representatives of relevant institutions to ensure that the information in the Guide is in line with current circumstances and that the competent institutions have all the necessary information to create an environment in which forest biomass will be used sustainably.

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