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Project "From Knowledge to Eco Property" as a step forward in creating environmentally conscious generations

From February to June 2022, Forestry and Environment Action - FEA successfully implemented the project "From Knowledge to Eco Property" with the primary goal of increasing knowledge and strengthening the environmental awareness of school children (aged 7-12) about the importance of environmental protection. The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton.

Key project results include:

  • Workshops for elementary school students

Twelve dynamic workshops were held in three Sarajevo elementary schools for students aged 7 to 12. The focus of these workshops was to provide children with a deep understanding of the importance of preserving air, water, soil, and forests. Through an interactive approach, the workshops inspired students to actively participate in environmental protection.

  • Urban modular constructions

Three urban modular wooden constructions were installed in three Sarajevo elementary schools. These innovative constructions are modernly designed spaces that create "green corners" in school yards or hallways.

  • Handbook on Environmental Pedagogy

A Handbook on environmental pedagogy was created for teaching staff. The handbook provides definitions of basic terms related to environmental pedagogy, as well as guidelines, examples of good practices, and tips for successfully involving children in extracurricular environmental activities.

The project "From Knowledge to Eco Property" was our step towards creating environmentally conscious generations.


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