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„Ultramarathon Jadovnik“ and educational workshops

At our first eco race „Ultramarathon Jadovnik“ and accompanying workshops on environmental protection, which were held from 12 to 14. July 2019, more than 200 competitors from 8 countries participated.

During the eco race and workshops, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes of the Special Nature Reserve „Milesevka river gorge“ and the Nature Monument „Sopotnica Waterfalls“.

„Ultramarathon Jadovnik“ and educational workshops were organized as eco events within the project „Take your place in eco race – learn how to leave no environmental trace!“ which was realized by fea with partner support of several organizations: Serbian Skyrunning Association, „Jadovnik – Oasis of Untouched Nature“ association, Tourist Organization of Prijepolje and PE „Srbijašume“, Forest Management Unit „Prijepolje“.

Project was implemented until December 2019, and it was co-financed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

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