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Virtual conference "Forests in the Hands of Women - Yes, We Can"

On October 29th 2020, the fea team participated in the Virtual Conference "Forests in the Hands of Women - Yes, We Can" within the project Forests in Women's Hands funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Program.

The virtual conference was held via the Zoom platform. Slovenia, which is also a project partner, hosted this conference, which had more than 130 participants from 17 countries. The conference participants were forestry experts, decision makers and other stakeholders in the forestry sector from all partner countries.

The main part of the conference consisted of lectures by project partners:

- "Women in Forestry in Austria: Facts and Examples of Good Practice" - Dagmar Karisch-Gierer, Austria,

- “Women for Forestry in Bavaria" - Kathrin Böhling and Beatrix Enzenbach, Germany,

- "Is the forest a necessary man or is a woman enough? Reflections based on 25 years of research experience in the field" - Gun Lidestav, Sweden,

- "Women in forestry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from college to forestry service - a reality" - Ajla Dorfer, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

- “Women in Forestry: Breaking Barriers” - Jess Kaknevicius, Canada.

The focus of the conference was to present the Fem4Forest initiative in the Danube region, examples of good practice when it comes to women in forestry in the EU and beyond, promote further integration of women in the forestry sector and establish a new network of stakeholders for the forestry sector.

fea team will work hard with other project partners to achieve the main goal of the project to strengthen the capacity of forest sector at local, regional and interregional levels through increased involvement and skills of women actors supporting their equal presence and competences at the labour and timber market in the Danube region.


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