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Enhance cross-sectoral land management through land use pressure reduction and planning

Name of client

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Origin of funding

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)



2016 - 2019

The overall goal of the project was to alleviate the pressure on soil as a natural resource from competitive soil uses, through preventing further soil degradation and promoting soil remediation in Serbia.


The purpose of the mission was to develop methodology for implementation of Integrated Land Management Framework (ILMF) practice at the local level including communication and outreach conducted in different regions of Serbia.


The specific objective of the Project was to produce the Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Land Management in the Municipalities in Serbia targeting main stakeholder groups: local governments, most relevant natural resource management sectors (e.g. forestry, agriculture, mining, and energy), conservation organizations, gender and minorities, and others.


The aim of these Guidelines is to identify, analyze, discuss and disseminate promising sustainable land management practices - including both technologies and approaches to the latest trends and new opportunities in land remediation and rehabilitation. The focus was, in particular, on those cost-effective practices with rapid payback and profitability and/or other factors that drive adoption.


These guidelines were developed based on comprehensive Content Analysis as well as consultations process with wide range of stakeholders conducted by fea team.

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