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Development of the background study on the recreation and tourism potentials of forest areas in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a part of the preparation of Forest Strategy and National Forest Program

Name of client

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry

Origin of funding

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry



The objective of the project was to offer a relevant analysis of the current situation of the forestry sector and the state of forest resources in the Federation of BiH, and define the priorities and goals for the development of tourism and recreation in the forests that will be included in the Forestry Program of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project resulted in:


  • Analysis of domestic legislation in the forestry and nature protection sector in the part related to the use of forest resources for the needs of tourism and recreation and analysis of its compliance with the FBiH strategic documents related to tourism

  • GAP / SWOT analysis of the forestry sector in the context of utilization of forest resources for tourism and recreation purposes 

  • Draft of an Action plan as a basis for the development of operational part of the FBiH Forestry Program.

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