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Empowerment of Communities through Democratic Natural Resource Management Phase II

Name of client

Danish Forestry Extension – Skovdyrkerne

Origin of funding



2019 - 2021

fea is part of the phase II of the Program "Empowering Communities through Democratic Management of Natural Resources". The program is implemented in partnership with the Danish Forestry Extension - DFE and other organizations from Nepal and Vietnam.


Program is funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Civil Society in Development (CISU) which is an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).


The main objective of the first component of the Project is to strengthen the synergy between partners as well as the capacity of each partner from the aspect of project monitoring and evaluation, fundraising and lobbying. In this connection, fea should be recognized as a professional non-governmental organization for private forestry in BiH among federal, cantonal and local governments and stakeholders in the forestry and forest related sector which has adequate advocacy skills to influence smallholder forest owner’s friendly policies and impact on the positive changes in the private forest sector.


The main objective of the second component is that the Association of the private forest owners of Central Bosnia Canton, established during phase I of the Project, covers all 12 municipalities in the Central Bosnia Canton, quadruples the number of members and improves the skills to provide advisory services for responsible natural resource management, revenue generation and advocacy for local and national level officials for equal access to natural resources.

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