Greener Pionirska dolina - introduction of the practice of reducing the amount of waste and reusing waste in the local community Pionirska dolina


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fea together with the local community Pionirska dolina is implementing a project which, among other things, works on raising community awareness and educating citizens, start the production of compost from organic waste and educate tenants about it, organize an auction of tenants to sell various items for children as a way to reuse waste and reducing the amount of waste and further strengthening the spirit of community cooperation, influencing the cultural norms of the community, encouraging the principles of volunteering and the engagement of individuals, etc.

The general goal of the Project is to introduce the practice of reducing the amount of waste and reusing waste in the settlement of Pionirska dolina, Municipality Centar in Sarajevo.

Changes in the behavior of community members in reducing waste and reusing it are expected as one of the key results of the project.


Activities covered by this project; 

i.    Identification of types and amounts of waste that can be reduced or reused in the community;

ii.    Raising community awareness of waste reduction and reuse and encouragement of changes in perceptions and behavior of residents in the community;

iii.    Start of the production of compost from separated (suitable) waste of organic origin - Design and construction / procurement of compost bins
iv.    Education of tenants about the use of compost bins - Brochure - instructions "Composting is easy, here's how!"

v.    Continious organization and holding of a meeting of the community and the parties involved in the Project

vi.    Organization of the event "Day for a greener Pionirska dolina"

vii.    Continuous activities: Project administration, monitoring the implementation of activities, continuous observation of local space, preparation of reports, etc.


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