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Green roofs of Sarajevo - Sustainable space for crisis periods


Name of the client


Origin of funding

UNDP - Challenge Fund



This Project is implementing with the following goals: 


  1. Improving the health, social and psychological state of residents during a pandemic crisis

  2. Improving the urban biodiversity of the local area, especially birds and insects

  3. Improving the status of bee community within a radius of 5 km

  4. Increasing green space areas in the downtown area

  5. Reduction of urban heat islands - a positive impact on the microclimate

  6. Improvement air quality and reduction of dust and particles 

  7. Reduction of greenhouse gasses emission

  8. Providing modern and green urban amenities

  9. Improvement of the visual impression of the building

  10. Creation of new meeting point for residents for common activities. 


The result of the project will be a green roof on the one pilot residential building in the Canton Sarajevo with the active participation of residents. The ultimate goal of the project is making a pleasant and sustainable area during pandemic situations and motivate other communities to replicate the pilot model.

Activities will be delivered in 3 phases: Identification, Installation and Introduction. 




  1. Kick-off project meeting in Sarajevo 

  2. Identification of potential rooftops that can be used for the development of recreation zones

  3. Preselection process of the buildings in cooperation with building management companies, building owners and other stakeholders

  4. Citizens engagement - apartment owners will be motivated to participate in the selection process in form of a live or virtual workshop

  5. Establishment of the list of feasible and eligible buildings in Sarajevo for Project implementation

  6. Map visualization of potential rooftops at residential buildings (online and printed version) using GIS tools 

  7. Visits to each selected building and communications with residents

  8. The winning proposal (conceptual design of green roof) will be further developed by our experts





  1. Shopping and purchase of necessary items in hobby markets or local markets

  2. Shopping and purchase of greenery in nurseries 

  3. Transportation of the purchased goods, mainly trees, tree-pots, flowers and flower pots, etc.

  4. Installation of one rooftop garden at one residential building in Sarajevo Canton without affecting building statics and safety of residents

  5. Involvement of building residents in the creation of the green rooftop - assistance in installation

  6. Refreshments and catering provision for all involved parties during installation

  7. Development and installation of the graphic Manual how to use rooftop at the rooftop entrance 





  1. Class in nature on new rooftop garden open for interested public and neighbors

  2. Short video guide showing how to make your own rooftop garden

  3. A model example for building owner associations to install similar gardens

       in form of a Guidebook

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