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Implementation of the Awareness Raising Campaign: Values and Positive Effects of Protected Areas in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Name of client

Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Origin of funding



2012 - 2013

Protected areas are locations which receive protection because of their natural, ecological and cultural values. Today emphasis is on greater discussions with all stakeholders and joint decisions about how these areas should be set aside and managed. Such negotiations are never easy but usually lead to stronger and longer-lasting results for both conservation and people. 


The project has been focused on raising public awareness on local and regional natural resources and their importance for social and economic development. One of the key objectives is popularization of protected areas at local, regional, national and international level and strengthening of the moral and material responsibility of all factors of society in relation to the natural values of the forest and mountain areas in BiH. Changing consciousness, thinking and behavior of the public, local authorities and the business sector along with better cooperation between all these stakeholders should lead to effective management of protected areas.

Project resulted in:

  • logo and visual identity of the Campaign

  • design of the web page  

  • stories of the journalists travailing to Una National Park (official presentation of the Campaign to the public through socializing with key media in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  • Round table for decision makers and workshops on green economy, protection categories and functioning methods of protected areas, and the involvement of young people in the life and protection of the national parks

  • handouts and other Campaign promotional materials

  • visibility activities (press releases, articles for newspapers and PR activities on the occasion of several special events: World Wetlands Day, the Day of the Mountains, etc.)

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