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Mapping and conducting consultations with stakeholders on biodiversity and land degradation in BiH  in the framework of the ENVSEC initiative

Name of client

United Nations Office for Project (UNOPS)

Origin of funding

United Nations Office for Project (UNOPS)



The ENVSEC initiative, which is a partnership of UNDP, UNEP, OSCEA, UNECE, REC and NATO, provides environmental and security risk analysis based on the involvement of a number of different stakeholders, and addresses the consequences of environmental conflicts through strengthening national and regional capacities, institutions and cooperation, leading to concrete investments in remediation and cleaning activities.

The overall objective of ENVSEC activities in Southeast Europe, Priority B, was to improve the management of natural resources on eco-regional level by enhancing the operational capacities for land conservation and conservation of ecosystems.

The immediate objective of the Project was to hold consultation meetings with stakeholders about biodiversity and land degradation in BiH and to establish stakeholder trust and confidence that will need to work together to resolve these issues. UNEP, in accordance with the activities under the ENVSEC program, co-operated with other agencies with the aim of encouraging, strengthening and enhancing public awareness about state of the biodiversity and land degradation by civil servants of both entities and local stakeholders.

The Project focused on the organization of 2 stakeholder meetings in Sarajevo and Banja Luka in November 2012, as well as the mapping of and consultations with a wide range of stakeholders about the state of biodiversity and land degradation in BiH.

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