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fea rebranding

The fea team has used the past months marked by the global pandemic and social distancing for rebranding with special emphasis on the redesign of our official website.

The website is just an introduction to a great refreshment that we "cook" in fea and which should result in a more positive perception by the external audience and easier communication of our planned goals.

We especially aim to ensure that our new partners and potential donors, through insight into the site, can gain a much more mature impression of the vision, abilities and skills of the fea team. Transparency is an important segment of our work, and it will always be guaranteed!

We hope that the attractive design and better quality content will bring you closer to the planned and current activities that fea carries out in order to strengthen the society that strives for responsible management of natural resources and sustainable development.

Visit and enjoy our new, modern and vibrant web ambiance.


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